Many successful entrepreneurs are in the habit of planning each day carefully to get a good idea of where they’ll be and what they’ll be doing at specific times. In addition to the regularly scheduled workday, entrepreneurs should plan how they will end their day so that they can rest easier and prepare themselves better for the new day ahead.

Empty the Inboxes
Whether an entrepreneur works from an office or their home, they should try to empty their inbox on their desk as well as the one that they use for incoming emails. By making a point to empty their inboxes, entrepreneurs can feel as though they’ve accomplished more and will feel more confident in knowing that certain important work tasks have been completed.

Review the Next Day’s Schedule
Entrepreneurs can know what to expect the next day and possibly put their minds at ease by checking over the schedule for the next day. Entrepreneurs can also feel in better control over their upcoming workday if they take some time to check over the next day’s schedule before bedtime.

Turn Off Electronics
As difficult as it might be for some entrepreneurs, plans should be made to shut off all electronics by a certain time. These electronics include computers, mobile phones, and any other electronic devices that are used for communicating and conducting business. By establishing a time when all electronics will be turned off, entrepreneurs can rest easier and will likely get to sleep faster with fewer distractions.

Make the Bedroom as Dark as Possible
Some entrepreneurs may find it difficult to rest if their minds are overly stimulated before bedtime, and light exposure can exacerbate this problem. Blackout shades and sleep masks are among the best items for blocking unwanted light. There are even apps that are available to help reduce blue light exposure from computers and other devices that may interfere with sleep. Light exposure should be reduced as much as possible, at least one hour before going to bed.

Knowing how to end a day can be just as important as knowing how to start a day. If entrepreneurs take steps to close out each day properly, they can run their businesses more efficiently.