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About Legendary Marketer

Based out of St. Petersburg, Florida but operating nationwide, Legendary Marketer is an online education and affiliate marketing company offering the necessary skills and guidance to find success in a highly competitive online marketplace. 

Founded by David Sharpe, CEO, Legendary Marketer operates on a simple mission: helping people start a new – or grow an existing – business by using online marketing, management, and cutting-edge sales strategies. The team at Legendary Marketer is here to help clients learn the crucial business, marketing, and personal skills needed to not only find success but thrive with confidence in an online marketplace that is both highly competitive and ever-changing. By providing personalized virtual coaching and robust digital courses, Legendary Marketer helps lay that foundation of knowledge. 

As CEO, Dave Sharpe brings nearly a decade of experience in digital marketing expertise as well as the experience that comes from building three multi-million dollar companies from the ground up. It’s this industry experience that’s helped him educate half a million entrepreneurs around the world. He found that there wasn’t a school for online marketers to give them the information and guidance they needed, so he and his team went ahead and created one. 

At its core, Legendary Marketer is here to help people. With a team of brothers, mothers, dads, dudes, and dreamers, you can’t find a better group of people who love the work we do. With Dave Sharpe at the helm, the entire team is passionate about providing alternative education options for today’s online entrepreneurs. Every day, we each bring our unique experience to help give our customers the most compassionate, informative, and encouraging guidance and advice to help them on the road to building a business. 

Legendary Marketer offers a number of courses to help entrepreneurs get up to speed and start building their skills and business. These courses include the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge, Digital Products Business Blueprint, Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint, the Legendary Marketers Club, Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint, Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint, Legendary Marketer Mastermind, and Traffic University. 

Customers can also sign up to receive coaching directly from Dave Sharpe himself through Legendary Marketer’s Private Client Coaching Program with Dave Sharpe. Whether you’re changing careers, looking to bring in an additional revenue stream, or want to get your stagnant business off the ground, Legendary Marketer has the tools you need and the team you deserve to educate and support you and help ensure you can succeed using everything in our ethical, moral, and legal abilities. 

Learn more insights and information about entrepreneurship by visiting the Legendary Marketer blog page for the latest updates! 

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